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IIVS at Upcoming Meetings

2015 SOT

Visit booth #1026 during the Society of Toxicology Annual meeting March 22-26 in San Diego to speak with our Study Directors about our in vitro testing services including ocular, dermal, sensitization, eye sting, and inhalation toxicology. We will present several posters throughout the conference (titles and times listed in the table below) and will host a special workshop report session Monday evening to present learnings from our meeting Assessment of In Vitro COPD Models for Tobacco Regulatory Science (March 23, 5-7 Torrey Pines I-III, Marriott Hotel). Stop by our booth or contact us now to reserve some time to speak one-on-one with our Study Directors about your testing programs.

Monday March 23rd, 1:00PM-4:30PM Alternatives to Mammilian Models II - Skin, Eye Liver

417 104 A Tiered In Vitro Irritation/Corrosion Testing Strategy for GHS Classification of Pharmaceutical Compounds
419 106 Intra- and Interlaboratory Validation of LuSens: A Reporter Gene-Cell Line to Detect Keratinocyte Activation by Skin Sensitizers
427 114 Investigation of Novel In Vitro Methods for Predicting the Dermal Sensitization Potential of Synthetic Process Intermediates
434 121 Using the Novel NociOcular Assay to Predict the Eye Sting Potential of Shampoos and Sunscreen Products
439 126 Protocol Considerations for Testing Surfactants and Surfactant-Based Formulations in the Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability Assay

Thursday March 26, 8:30am-12:00PM Late-Breaking Poster Session 1

2472 106 Evaluation of TRPV1 Activity to Assess the Eye Stinging Potential of Cosmetic Formulations


IIVS Study Director Dr. Kimberly Norman will present information on the NociOcular assay for determining the potential of a material to cause eye sting during the 3rd BioQT meeting in Queretaro, Mexico, March 27. Representatives from industry, government, and academia will be attending to listen to lectures and network. Please visit the BioTQ website for more information.

International Conference on the Science of Botanicals

Join IIVS Study Director Dr. Kimberly Norman April 13-16 in Oxford, Mississippi at the International Conference on the Science of Botanicals to discuss approaches for post market surveillance, risk and safety assessment, quality control and adverse event reporting (AER) for botanical dietary supplements (BDS) and natural products. Current regulatory perspectives from government, manufacturers and trade associations will also be explored. Members of CFSAN/FDA, trade associations, and industry will discuss pressing topics that affect BDSs and their impact on consumers. Dr. Norman will present on the use of in vitro assays to assess the sensitization potential of botanicals.